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by Sr. Brenda Walsh, Racine Dominican

As we celebrate the Paschal Mystery, we are reminded and give thanks for the abundance of God’s love for all humankind. We are thankful for salvation and the new life offered to us, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, our Risen Savior.  Each of us is Invited to follow the path of Resurrection .  It does not mean that we will have a trouble-free life. The promise is that we will never walk alone - a promise offered to every one of us.

At this holy season, we are invited to look deep within our own life journey and treasure the gifts of life we enjoy. Our society offers us a variety of gifts, such as power, economic and political, wealth and more. None is like the power of the Spirit freely offered to us. This will give us a profound depth of meaning in our daily lives and relationships with the whole human family. Our life journey will lead us to peace and love, harmony, forgiveness and justice .  We can then do great things to create a peaceful world through the power of the Spirit working in us and through us. This is a gift offered to each of us and to generations yet to come.

We are called to open ourselves to receive the abundance of God’s grace and use our gifts offered to create the kind of world God has in mind for all people. When we open wide our minds and hearts to receive God’s grace, we need to clear out and let go of old grudges and spiteful thinking, and prepare for the coming of the Spirit. Then we will be able to share the Spirit’s life with those around us. We all need reminders that there is something more important than our own agenda. It is to build a system of harmony, peace, love and compassion for all people. God will be with us as sustainer, friend, life-giver and victor every step of the way. We pray for the will and courage to choose God’s way and return to our best selves .

We have the wonderful promise of eternal life to be with our loving and gracious God for all eternity. When we do this, we will be naming, claiming and using the gifts of the Spirit and share God’s abundant life with all we meet. This will be true of our own lives, no matter what challenges or hardships we are experiencing. Like the early followers of Jesus, we will let Easter life shine upon us and through us and bring new life and hope to our world.   Then we can sing a hymn of praise and remove the stones from some of the tombs around the world and turn war and tyranny into the bright light of the Risen Lord. Some of the stones we can help remove are poverty and inequality of many kinds. Our efforts to bring about peace and justice will bring hope and healing to a broken world.  The world Day of Social Justice which is scheduled for Feb. 20th calls us to be involved in justice efforts and work to help all people benefit from the fruits of the earth. 

Loving God, help us to bring your healing touch to those around us.  We give You thanks for the abundance of Love offered to us through the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus. Let us remember the Resurrection moments in our own lives and then work to bring joy and hope to dark and dreary places in our world.

Spirit of God, guide us and enable us to fulfill our call with courage, conviction and hope. Easter Blessings to all!


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