Praise Is Fitting

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Poetic Responses to Psalms and Scripture

 Praise is fitting for loyal hearts.        Ps. 33

Some people raise

their hands and faces

pulsating with joy,

shouting, “Yes Lord!”


I curl my fingers

around a coffee cup,

looking long


into my friend’s tired face.

Who put her here?


Her husband’s work leaves her

alone with grown sons,

their internet gambling,

never enough milk.


She complains.

I hum, “Yes, Lord”—

about her daughter’s budding breasts,

“Lord have mercy!”


We all

get to say what we like.

I search for words

that kiss.



-- By:  Ms. Karen Jessee, OP - - a member of the Dominican Laity, St. Mary Magdelene Group in Raleigh, NC.  She writes and teaches, living with her husband and children near Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


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