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This website contains a collection of free email and Dominican preaching resources At this site you will find:

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"FIRST IMPRESSIONS": A preacher's early reflections on the upcoming Sundays readings and liturgy:  Available in Spanish & English and authored by Fr. Jude Siciliano, OP, a member of the Southern Dominican Province, U.S.A., and lives with a community of Dominican Preachers in Irving, Texas.

Pages here update Daily with Major Weekly Updates on Sunday's - 9pm EST.


  • "First Impressions" - the latest reflection by Jude Siciliano, OP.

  • Volume II - These reflections also follow the Liturgical Calendar and appear here about mid week each week.  They are written by various guest authors.

    • Liturgical Calendar - will take you to the USCCB Liturgical Calendar in a new window.  Or Click Here to download a PDF version of the 2024 USCCB Liturgical Calendar.  
      (The PDF version also shows vestment colors.)

  • Come and See! - Brief daily reflections on the upcoming daily Scriptures by Elaine Ireland.

SPANISH: - Español

Homilías Dominicales

     Si desea recibir Homilías Dominicales electrónico, envíe un mensaje de correo electrónico al P. John Boll, OP. Por favor, escriba SUSCRIBIR como asunto si aún no está allí. Haga clic aquí para DAR DE BAJA o CAMBIAR su suscripción.

Palabras para Domingo - Español - Sr. Kathleen Maire

Homilías Breves - Español - Padre Carmelo Mele, OP

If you would like to receive "First Impressions", or Volume II via E-Mail, please send an E-mail message to Fr. John Boll, OP.  Please put SUBSCRIBE as the subject if it is not already there.  Click Here to UNSUBSCRIBE or CHANGE your subscription.

And, as always... "Blessings on your preaching."

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