General Intercessions for

Fourteenth Sunday of Ordered Time

July7, 2024


Presider: Father, through the grace of adoption we are your daughters and sons; grant we may be released from bondage to the darkness of false prophets and their errors.


Deacon/ Lector/ Cantor: Please respond: “Lord, hear our prayer.”


1. That Pope Francis, the hierarchy, religious and clergy be filled with the grace and energy of prophecy to lead the faithful into fullness of the Spirit’s grace, we pray


2. That international greed and authoritarianism give way to the engagement of citizens in government, to the welfare of citizens, and to the common good of every nation, we pray


3. That the military industrial complex discover that peace can be profitable and begin designing systems and equipment that addresses poverty, violence, and ignorance, we pray


4. That violence toward women and children be uncovered; that abuse which attacks the dignity and worth of children and women be eradicated from nations, communities, and families, we pray


5. That those who lack work or a job with a living wage be hired for honorable work with adequate wages and benefits, we pray


6. That families in conflict because of jealousy, envy, inheritance, or personal attacks be reconciled and forgive each other, we pray


7. That those who have died this past week and those who will die today are welcomed into the presence of God with joy, we pray


8. For physical, mental, and spiritual health: for adequate food, shelter, and education for the poor and immigrant: Let us pause to place our personal needs on the altar (pause). May our concerns be consecrated with the Bread and Wine into the Body and Blood of the Lord to be shared by all, we pray


Presider: Father, respond to these requests from your adopted children. Lift us up with your mighty love to vibrant hope and gracious charity this coming week. We offer you our prayers in the name of your Son and our Brother who lives with you in the grace and unity of the Holy Spirit.


Response: Amen.