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Each week we are posting General Intercessions for the upcoming Sunday liturgies by Msgr. Joseph Masiello, retired pastor of Holy Trinity Parish, Westfield, NJ.  These intercessions are based on the assigned scriptures, the liturgical season and current events.




CELEBRANT: To the God who can do all things and who is merciful to all, let us pray in the name of Jesus, friend of outcasts and guest of sinners.


READER: Please respond, “LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER!”


1.  For the Church as it preaches the gospel of conversion: may it humbly imitate its Master who came to seek out and save those who were lost, we pray...


2.  For the transformation of the hearts of all who are bent on violence, and for the silencing of the trumpets of war, especially in the land of Ukraine, we pray...


3.  For families of faith assembled this Sabbath in their places of worship: may they and we reach out to the un-churched and disaffected, meeting them where they are and personally inviting them to come home, we pray...


4.  For those who live with physical and/or mental challenges: may they find welcome and inclusion in this house and in the wider community, we pray...


5.  For us who have gathered at the Holy Tables: may we respond generously to our baptismal call to be good stewards of our time, talents, and treasure, we pray...


6.  For the blessing of safety for service men and women, and First Responders; and, for the seriously ill in our community and among our family members and friends to be gifted with the comfort of loved ones and the healing touch of our God, (especially, ___________,) we pray...  


7.  For the sorrowing to embrace Easter’s wondrous promise; and, for ___________, (and) all our beloved dead: may the saints welcome them to the eternal peace of their heavenly home, we pray...


8.  We pause to express, in the silence of our hearts, our personal intentions -




For those intentions, we pray...


CELEBRANT: God of mercy and tenderness, you came to seek and save what was lost. Listen to the voices of your people, who cry out to you on behalf of those in need, those who are searching, those who are lost.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.



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