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Each week we are posting General Intercessions for the upcoming Sunday liturgies by Msgr. Joseph Masiello, retired pastor of Holy Trinity Parish, Westfield, NJ.  These intercessions are based on the assigned scriptures, the liturgical season and current events.




CELEBRANT: As children of the light, as humble servants waiting for the Master’s return, let us pray on behalf of our Church and our human family.        


READER: Please respond, “LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER!”


1.  That all in the Church may never hide their gifts out of selfish motives nor shrink from taking risks for love, but rather creatively and generously develop and share the talents the Master has entrusted to them, we pray. . .


2.  That the cloud of violence which covers the earth with darkness in too many places may, through a renewed commitment on the part of the world’s leaders, yield to the bright light of peace, we pray. . .


3.  That our elected leaders, at every level of government, may dedicate themselves to no other end than the wise and selfless pursuit of the common good, we pray. . .


4.  That the ongoing efforts to relieve the hurt and pain of countless sister and brother human beings afflicted by natural disaster, both here at home and abroad, may restore hope and rebuild lives, we pray. . .


5.  That, on this World Day of the Poor, our recommitment to the “stewardship way of life” may lead us more and more to place our time, talent, and treasure in service to the poor and the marginalized, and find us prepared for the Master’s return, we pray. . .


6. That the God of light may soon and very soon reveal the final path to a safe and effective vaccine for the corona virus, we pray. . .


7. That our service men and women, our First Responders, and essential workers, especially those on the front line in the ongoing pandemic struggle, may be blessed with safety; and, the seriously ill in our parish community and among our family members and friends gifted with love’s comfort and the healing touch of our God, (especially ____________________), we pray. . .


8.  That Easter’s glorious promise may wrap the hearts of those among us in mourning; and,

____________________ (and) all our beloved dead enter into the joy of the Divine Master and the everlasting embrace of God’s love and peace, we pray. . .


CELEBRANT:  Gracious and generous God, listen to the prayer of your people.  Help us to reach out our hands to the poor, to extend our arms to the needy, to bring your reign to a waiting world.  All this we pray through Christ Jesus, Lord forever and ever.



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