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CELEBRANT: Let us offer our prayer in the name of Jesus, whose heart was moved with pity for the vast crowd.


READER: Please respond, “LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER!”


1. That the disciples of Jesus may distribute the bread of life and the wine of hope to all who hunger, we pray. . .


2. That arms makers, nations at war, and all who would engage in terror may soon come to a transformation of heart and walk the pathway that leads to lasting peace, we pray. . .


3. That peoples of differing cultures may recognize our common humanity, learn how to sit down together at the banquet of life, and reverence the earth that is home to all, we pray. . .


4. That those who lead the nations of this world may listen to the cries of the hungry and work toward an equitable distribution of the resources of the planet, we pray. . .


5. That the labors and generosity of Food Pantry volunteers, food donors, and Soup Kitchen workers everywhere may be blessed abundantly, we pray. . .


6. That government may provide a safety net for the unemployed and all who are struggling economically in these pandemic days, especially the undocumented among us, we pray. . .


7. That our service men and women, our First Responders and healthcare workers may be kept safe; and, the seriously ill in our community and among our family members and friends be gifted with love’s comfort and the healing touch of our God, especially __________________________________________________, we pray. . .


8. That Easter’s glorious promise may comfort those among us in mourning; and,  ________________________________________, (and) all our beloved dead, who ate the bread of life with us, come to the everlasting embrace of God’s love, we pray. . .


CELEBRANT: God of love, you long to satisfy our needs even before we give voice to them.  As you fed the multitudes with a few loaves and some fish, listen now to these prayers of your people, gathered to be fed at the tables of your Holy Word and your Holy Eucharist.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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