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Each week we are posting General Intercessions for the upcoming Sunday liturgies by Msgr. Joseph Masiello, retired pastor of Holy Trinity Parish, Westfield, NJ.  These intercessions are based on the assigned scriptures, the liturgical season and current events.




CELEBRANT: Gathered at prayer in the temple of the Lord, let us offer our intercessions to the God who has called us by name.


READER: Please respond, “LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER!”


1.  That the leaders of the Christian Churches throughout the world may guide the body of Jesus’ disciples to an ever-greater unity, we pray. . .


2.  That, adorned by the one Spirit with a variety of gifts, our Catholic Church may delight in diversity, persevere in faith and trust, and invite the world to taste the goodness of the Lord by its witness to holiness, we pray. . .


3.  That the leaders of the nations may hear in the voices of their people God’s own voice summoning the world to justice and peace, we pray. . .


4.  That President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris may fulfill their awesome responsibilities graced with wisdom from on high in abundance, and with a fierce commitment to pursuing in every area of governance nothing but the common good, we pray. . .


5.  That the hearts of all Americans may be transformed so that we can learn to differ with one another respectfully, with malice towards none and charity for all, we pray. . .


6. That the Holy One who speaks in our assembly of prayer may find us to be servants who listen to the divine voice, who delight to do God’s will, and who, in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., share our gifts and talents to advance a nation where all are reverenced as living temples of the Holy Spirit, we pray. . .


7.  That our service men and women, our essential workers, and our First Responders may be safe; and the seriously ill in our parish community and among our family members and friends gifted with love’s comfort and the healing touch of our God, (especially __________ we pray. . .


8.  That Easter’s glorious promise may wrap the hearts of those among us in mourning; and __________and) all our beloved dead come to the everlasting embrace of God’s peace and love; we pray. . .


CELEBRANT: God of love and mercy, give us ears and hearts to hear your call throughout our lives.  Listen now to the voices of your people, as we pray that you come quickly to the aid of those in need, and ease the pain of those who suffer.  Grant all this through Christ, the Lamb of God, who is Lord forever and ever!



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